Siparos signature starters

Handmade Greens Pie

Handmade pie with seasonal greens and cheese mousse

Tarama spread

Tarama spread with white fish roe

Chick peas with rosemary

A traditional dish that vegeterians adore, is being served hot in a pot that lets out the garlic aroma


Scrambled eggs with zucchini, peppers and cherry tomatoes. Highlight of this dish is that is being served in fried potato nest.

Eggplant terrine

Aubergines are cooked with caramelised onions, capers, olives and then served cold with local creamy goat cheese

Siparos signature mains


Orzo pasta with saffron, octopus and squid. A dish that combines perfect seafood.

Lamb with vine leaves and feta

Lamb wrapped in vine leaves that are stuffed with feta cheese

Veal in tomato sauce

Veal cooked for more than 4 hours in the oven with tomatos, origano and anise served eather with homemade pasta or french fries

Fresh fish (fricassee)

Fresh fish with seasonal herbs (fricassee)

Siparos signature desserts


Dessert with banana and caramel

Lemon pie


Traditional layered pastry with syrup


Profiteroles with chocolate

Chocolate Mosaic Cake

Mosaic cake with chocolate